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                                                                Centre Gives
                                            June 27, 6 am - June 28, 6 pm

        The Centre County Community Foundation has provided $100,000 to non-profits
     in matching funds for donations made through the Centre Gives 36-hour Giving
     Challenge, which has now begun.

       This is a wonderful opportunity to help the Art Alliance, and we hope that you
     will participate with a donation during this period, whether small or large. 
     The minimum donation is $10, but only donations of $25 or greater will count
     toward the match.     

        Donations can be done securely by filling in and submitting the form below.
      You will receive an email confirmation of your donation.

        OR, if you would like to go to the Centre Gives website to see details of the
      program and the progress of the donations, click on
      Follow the directions there to donate to the Art Alliance.

        If you have questions, please call the office at 234-2740 or email us at To return to our home page. click here.