Winter Classes 2018

Winter Classes are Here!

starts the week of January 8

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Exploring Oil Painting

Instructor: Susan Nicholas Gephart

9am - noon Mondays 7 weeks

This class will be for beginning, intermediate, and adventurous oil painters in all subjects. Each class will begin with an inspiring demonstration exploring different applications in oil. You will learn how to connect your sketches, studies, and photos, to create a new painting in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Susan is a “Gamblin Dedicated Workshop Instructor”, and will share free samples of Gamblin oils and solvents.

Fee: $140 members; $170 non-members


Drawing Fundamentals

Instructor: TBD

1 – 4pm, Mondays, 4 weeks: Jan 8 - Jan 29

We will practice the fundamentals of drawing including Proportion, Composition, Perspective, and Form. Students will explore various modes of drawing over a range of media including pencil, charcoal, and ink. We will draw objects from life, discuss creative drawing strategies, and learn to express our ideas on paper. New topics will be covered daily along with demonstrations and one-on-one instruction. No previous experience is required! Materials are at least an 11"x14" or larger sketchbook, 2B and 8B graphite pencils, 1 pack of soft vine charcoal, 1 stick of compressed charcoal, 1 soft charcoal pencil, plastic eraser, 1 bamboo calligraphy brush (size 2 if possible), 1 bottle Higgins Black drawing ink (or India Ink), an 18” cork-backed ruler, and a 12” 45 degree plastic triangle.

Fee: $70 members; $85 non-members


Drawing for Everyone

Instructor: Jennifer Kane

1 – 4pm Mondays, 4 weeks: Feb 6 - 26

Play with the possibilities of using gesture, line, shape, and tone to develop responsive drawings. Each class, Jennifer will demonstrate activities for participants to practice and apply to their own work. Artists’ choice of drawing medium and surface may be used.

Fee: $70 members; $85 non-members



Painting Open Studio

Coordinator: Susan Graham

9am - noon Tuesdays 8 weeks

Paint on your own in an unstructured environment. No prior class attendance required and you may attend as suits your schedule on a drop-in basis.

Fee per session: $10


A Pastel Premiere Primerwith the Central PA Pastel Society

Coordinator: Kim Flick

1-4pm Tuesdays 4 weeks: Jan 8 - 29

An introduction to the wonderful world of pastels, featuring instructors from the CPPS. Each week a different member will present personal practice, basic strokes and techniques for a specific genre and unique to pastel medium. Beginners are welcome.

Fee: $70 members; $85 non-members


Acrylics Come to Life

Instructor: Jennifer Kane

1 – 4pm Tuesdays 4 weeks: Feb 6-27

Explore a range of effects that can be achieved with the vibrant and flexible medium of acrylic paints. Fun, informative activities will be introduced and practiced during class to add new techniques to your repertoire. Golden heavy body acrylics and glazing medium are suggested.

Fee: $70 members; $85 non-members


Pen & Ink & Watercolor

Instructor: Mary McGuire

6 – 8:30pm Tuesdays 8 weeks

We will use pen and ink alone and then in combination with watercolor. India ink and a pen with a nib can be used as can any ink pen to begin – for example, Precise pens that can be found in the drugstore. Transparent watercolor will be used and this could be a simple Artista set or tubes of paint. If you have a special scene or subject that you would like to draw or paint please bring it.

Fee: $125 members; $150 non-members



Open Studio for Sculptors

Coordinator: Mary Lee Kerr

9am – noon Wednesdays 8 weeks

If you would like to work on your clay sculpture in a community of other sculptors, join us in this open studio. There will be no instruction, but the group can help with problems and critiques. Dried pieces can be fired at the Art Alliance for an additional fee.

Fee per session: $10


The Winter Landscape in Watercolor

Instructor: Lena Thynell

1 – 4pm Wednesdays 8 weeks

During this 8-week course we will paint the beautiful winter landscape that surrounds us. Students will paint from their own photos. I would like you to bring photos that you have taken, not someone else’s photos. We will explore different techniques associated with watercolor painting. Please email the instructor with any questions and for the supply list.

This course can be enjoyed by beginners to seasoned painters.

Fee: $140 members; $170 non-members


In Touch with Your Digital Camera

Instructor: Bob Baumbach

1 – 3:40pm, Wednesdays, 3 weeks: Jan 10, 17, 24 -- in the downstairs studio

Did you get a new digital camera lately or do you need to learn more about the one you have? This class is for the beginning to intermediate photographer who has a digital camera and would like to know more about it. It will be an introductory class in discovery of your camera and what it can or cannot do and how to get the most out of it for various situations. The lessons will include some background on how digital cameras work, features of the camera and how to use them at the appropriate times for best results. This will not be a class on photo editing with a computer. It is oriented toward the act of recording images. The classes will be actively involved in shooting and learning the features of the student’s particular camera. The teacher will work with the individual student to get the most out of his/her camera.

Fee: $60 members; $75 non-members


Stained Glass

Instructor: Ken Plattner

6:30 – 9:30pm, Wednesdays, 8 weeks

For beginning & advanced students. Beginners make a small project and learn the basics of copper foil and stained glass work. Call Ken about materials before the first class.

Fee: $140 members; $170 non-members



Creative Dreaming in Watercolor

Instructor: Michele Rivera

9am - noon Thursdays 8 weeks

"Dream art draws on unconscious inspiration through dreams to create unique and personal art." The session we'll explore creating art which taps into dreams/fantasy which will produce a one of a kind piece of artwork. Welcome the novice through the experience artist.

Fee: $140 members; $170 non-members


Collagraph Printmaking

Instructor: Ingrid Booz Morejohn

1 – 4pm Thursdays 8 weeks

Collagraphs are collage-type prints. Your plate matrix is created in a multitude of ways: assembling and adhering flat objects, applying mediums or distressing or peeling away the plate surface which is then sealed and inked either intaglio or relief or both. Collagraphs are highly textured, creating 3-dimensional effects when printed. This course is designed for the absolute beginner, with no printmakingexperience as well as experienced artists that would like to explore a new technique. You do NOT need to know how to draw as collagraphs respond well to abstract compositions and can be as simple or as complex as you care to make them. The results are stunning! Supplies included.

Fee: $170 members; $185 non-members


Open Model Session

Coordinator: Tom Mickle

7 - 9:30 pm Thursdays 8 weeks

An opportunity to work from a model in the medium of your choice.

Fee per session: $10



Open Access Print Studio

Coordinator: Ingrid Booz Morejohn

6:30 - 9:30pm Sundays

Calling all happy printmakers! We are offering an evening open print studio where printmakers can use our 15” table-top Conrad etching press. Anyone with prior experience of the printmaking is welcome. You are required to bring your own tools, paper and inks and you are responsible for your own cleanup. Rudimentary printmaking supplies are also available (linocutting tools, simple soft brayers, barens and paper-soaking trays are available).

Printshop assistant Ingrid Booz Morejohn will be present to collect fees and answer simple questions.

Sessions are drop-in and don’t need to be booked in advance (but Ingrid would love it if you sent her an email or text message if you are coming to gage attendance).

Technical support is not available during open-access sessions, so if you need training or assistance you will need to book one of our printmaking courses. You use the press at your own risk. Please do not print anything that will damage the press bed, roller or press blankets.

Fee per session: $10


Upcoming Workshops

DA DA DA: A Collage Workshop

Instructor: Karen A Deutsch

January 20, from 10-12, 1-3

Dada artists embraced chance as a tool for liberating creativity from rational thought. In this this collage class we will start with fun and easy projects using materials from magazines and newspapers, collaborative exercises, demonstrations (of gluing methods) and discussion. In the afternoon session, participants will make a collage using pictures of figures, body parts, insects, machines and architectural or interior elements they will cut from magazines, newspapers & old books.

We put disparate elements together, playing with scale and meaning, in a simple or complicated way. Dada’s aesthetic, marked by its mockery of materialistic and nationalistic attitudes has it’s relevance today.

Beginners are welcome, but in the spirit of the short workshop format, time will be best used if students arrive with ideas and materials ready and some experience with mixed media practices.

Lunch break noon-1pm

Anyone taking the class can e-mail Karen with questions about the course and/or links to good articles on Dada and Surrealiam. Also, look for her 8-week Collage Class in the Spring.

Dadaesque works can:

  • Tell a story
  • Mount a Protest
  • Depict the absurd
  • Create imaginary worlds


  • new and old magazines, newspapers—Look for figures, body parts, insects, machines and architectural or interior elements
  • glue stick (acid-free)
  • gel medium or PVA glue
  • flat brush to apply adhesive
  • scissors
  • substrate—something to mount your collage on, like found paper, parts of a book, almost anything with a bit of weight

Fee: members $60; non-members $75.00


Pop-Up Art Classes

We are excited to be able to provide "PopUp" art classes for those who are interested in a two-hour art adventure that requires no experience and nothing to bring!

Gather your friends, invite your relatives or come alone and enjoy an opportunity to try something new or indulge a long-lost hobby with no long-term commitment or investment required.

Snacks and drinks are included as well and all necessary supplies will be provided for your use.

At the end of the two hours you will have a finished piece of art to take home!

$20 fee per person.


Parent and Child Christmas Ornaments Pop-Up Class

December Saturday 16th

Session 1 - 1:00-2:00pm

Session 2 - 2:00-3:00pm

$20 fee for both parent and child

At the end of the hour you will have a finished piece of art to take home!

$20 fee for both parent and child

Contact the Art Alliance at or call the office at 814-234-2740.

inservice 2017Inservice Art Class Days
are now available for Winter/Spring!

Dates of Inservice Art Class Days

January 3, 4, 5, 15

Programs run from 9am - 3pm

Our Inservice Days Art Classes are a fun, creative way for your kids to spend those winter break days while you need to be at work.

Each day is separate from the others - you may sign up for which ever day(s) suit your schedule. Participants are to bring their own peanut-free lunch. All art supplies and a snack are provided.

Fee for each child, per day, is $35. Limited to 12 participants.

Register Online!

Use this link and select "Youth Winter/Spring 2018" from drop-down Session menu then click on Search button.

Art Alliance members and parents who registered previously and have online accounts (select "forgot password" for login help) go ahead and login and sign up. New particpatnts will need to set up a family account.

Use parent name and contact info to set up account and then you will add your children's info in the next step when processing registration. Once one-time setup is completed you can use this account for all future Art Alliance registrations.

Registrations also accepted by email: or by calling 814-234-2740.