Workshops 2013

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Art Alliance Of Central PA  

We were most pleased to offer workshops this summer with visiting artists:

  Isabel Kumerz Workshop
The Spirit of Marks
     Tuesday, May 28
      Isabel is visiting us from Barcelona and offered this
 fascinating workshop in May.
    Eraser and charcoal were used to make textures, blendings
 and shades, and artwork followed intuition: in a black and white
 drawing. The process of making marks and scribbles
 helped to express emotions in the present moment.,

                                     Watercolor From Within:
                      Techniques for painting the essence of nature
With Barbara Nechis  
                                                    June 3 - 7                   


        The workshop has concluded and was very successful. Anni Matsick
 has provided photos,in this slideshow.

    This workshop is for all who want to gain a deeper understanding of the creative
 process of painting, are willing to be flexible, take risks, have fun, be intuitive and
 inventive. We will not be using traditional rules and formulas but the emphasis will be
 on concept, color and design. My inspiration comes both from nature and the inevitable
 unpredictability of the watercolor medium. Both abstract and realistic forms will be
    Barbara presents and demonstrates a different method or idea each day using
 several techniques to show how to construct original paintings from both source
 material and the imagination.
    Topics include controlling paint on wet paper, under-painting, layering and adding
 gouache. Critiques will approach problem solving upon the premise that there is
 always a solution that can turn an unsuccessful painting into a successful one

                     Painting the Landscape in Oil, Acrylic, or Pastel
                                      with Gabor Svagrik
                                           August 5 - 8

   Unfortunately, this workshop had to be cancelled -- too few signups


           Gabor Svagrik is a nationally known landscape painter and instructor
                 at the Tucson Art Academy and for workshops.

            To see more of his work, visit his web site at