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                                  Volunteer Opportunities

    As we begin each new year, we look forward to planning our exhibitions, classes,
 services to our artist members, and programs to promote the visual arts in the Centre
 Region. As an organization we would like to build upon our past successes and reach
 even higher goals, but to make that happen we need to widen our circle of volunteers.

    This is your organization and we need your help! We encourage you to consider the
 following list of opportunities and hopefully find a committee, which meets your interests, talents, and available time commitment from your busy schedule!

    The regular Committees of the Art Alliance are:

    This committee is divided into Adult Education, chaired by Karen Lintner, and Youth
 Programs including the Summer Camps, chaired by Ana Peters. If you would like to
 help plan classes for adults, prepare the Open Studio for Summer Camps, pick up supplies, staff our booth at Children's Day of the Arts Festival,  help with our "Kids Love
 Art" exhibition or look for new education opportunities for us in the community this
 would be the committee for you!

Exhibits and Events
    We have a number of exhibitions each year including our Members Show. The
 Chairperson of each show needs help preparing the Call for Entries and Catalogue,
 receiving the work, hanging it, and returning it after the show. The Opening Reception
 and hosts for the run of the show require additional volunteers. Each show is unique and there is a bit of magic as each work contributes its own special something to the
 exhibition as a whole. Become part of the excitement - join the Exhibits Committee!
    This committee is chaired by Judy Bogert.

    This committee, chaired by Betsy Allen, seeks new members, sends annual renewal notifications, maintains a list of current members and issues membership cards. We have a database in place to make this job easier. If you like projects requiring organizational skills you are a natural to handle membership.

    New members of the Art Alliance are contacted by a member of the Volunteer
 Committee to learn their areas of interest. This committee is also called upon by other
 committees to recruit volunteers needed for various activities.

    If you enjoy working with numbers and have some experience with making the books
 balance we need you on this committee. You would be responsible for assisting other
 committees in preparing their budgets for the year and working with our President and
 Treasurer in putting together the Annual Budget.
    This committee is chaired by Jennifer Shuey

    Our organization has been fortunate in securing grants each year but feel there are
 probably some other opportunities for us, which we have not pursued. Research is
 needed, and experience in grant writing would be desirable. 
    The Fundraising or Development responsibilities of this committee include planning
 and executing projects to enhance the income side of our balance sheet. An Annual
 Fund Drive is planned and sponsors need to be secured for each of our exhibitions
 and educational programs. Ideas for other fundraising projects will be considered by
 this committee. If you are part of the business community and/or would be willing to
 make contacts to area businesses we could use your help!
    This committee is chaired by Mary Lee Kerr.

Long Range Planning
    This committee studies the needs and potentials of the Alliance and makes
 recommendations of goals for the future and how to reach them. If you are a creative
 thinker and like to plan ahead you would be a valuable addition to this group.

    Overseeing the upkeep of our building and the grounds and making recommendations to the Board of Directors are the responsibilities of this committee chaired by Susan Graham. If you have a construction background that's great or if you are just good a fixing things we need you!

    This very important committee, chaired by Erika Christensen "spreads the word" about all the exciting things about our  organization and what  our artist members are doing. Writing and sending press release and paid ads, distributing brochures, setting up interviews and photo ops and exploring new ways of increasing  enrollment at classes and attendance at exhibitions are parts of their assignment. If you have experience or contacts in this field that'sgreat; if not but are willing to learn, that's great too!

    We hope one of these committees has "called your name" and you are ready to
 complete the Volunteer Form, which can be printed and sent in  -- but if not we also
 need help with:

    After each show the walls need to be patched and painted and the cubes need a
  fresh coat as well. If you don't paint masterpieces but enjoy painting walls this may be
  for you.

    A couple of times a year we have to have a "clean-up day" to keep everything

                                We look forward to working with you!