6 Advantages of Hiring a Moving Service Near Me For An Interstate Move

Maybe you have just been offered a new job or need to be closer to an ill family member. Many questions pop into your head about moving, including whether you should hire professional movers. Consider these six advantages of hiring a moving service:

1. Less Work

Many people underestimate the amount of work and time required to gather packing supplies, carefully wrap breakables, place all of their belongings into boxes, label each box, and load and unload their possessions. Simply skip each painstaking step by hiring professional movers to handle the workload.

2. Less Stress

Cramming extra work into a potentially small time frame is stressful. When you add daily responsibilities and transitioning to another state into the mix, the stress can affect you physically and emotionally.

Do not ruin your last days to make memories in your old home worrying about your possessions getting broken. According to Angie’s List, simply find an insured moving service whose employees are trained to responsibly care for your possessions in the best way possible.

3. More Time to Spend with Loved Ones

Although good friends and family will undoubtedly help you move, using your last few days with them would be better spent on loving visits and farewell parties, rather than work or packing parties. Ensuring that your whole family, especially children, can come to terms with leaving others behind is certainly worth hiring a moving company.

4. More Time to Change Your Personal Information

When you are moving to a different state, the amount of changes to your personal information is astounding. For example, you need to change the address for your mail and insurance policies, and perhaps the most time consuming, you will need to switch over your driver’s license and vehicle plates and registration.

Imagine making all of these changes and more while you are packing or unpacking boxes. You will be hard pressed to find the time to adequately take care of these details and be ready for moving day. However, hiring a moving service could free you up.

5. Stay on Schedule

Your move to another state undoubtedly has a deadline. Instead of working and stressing yourself beyond your limits to stay on schedule, MyMove.com recommends hiring professional movers because the best moving company is fast and efficient. Employees of a moving service have the experience to properly pack and carry items without the trial and error you might go through to do it yourself.

  1. Stay on Budget

Moving companies give cost estimates, but if you were packing yourself, how large a moving truck you need is hard to estimate. Loading one small moving truck only to realize you need a lot more room can be time-consuming, as well as expensive. U-Haul also points out that, “Expert movers take extra precautions to ensure your floors and walls aren’t scratched or damaged can also double as post-move cleaners to help you save on any “cleaning fees”. Although a moving company may seem expensive–perhaps your biggest hesitation in hiring one–their benefits really add up faster than their cost.

Do not wait too long before hiring professional moving help. The efficiency in which they can work allows you to spend your valuable time on other important and more enjoyable tasks.

A Practical Guide to Finding Trustworthy Local Movers Near Me

Every day you see moving company trucks on the highways. Little attention is paid until one is needed. Each company hopes that its bright advertisements will stick in your mind for that day when you find yourself packing. If you’re wondering “how will I find reputable movers near me?!” don’t fret! Here’s a guide to finding a moving company in your area that you can trust.

Questions to Help Find Movers Near Me

There are questions that need to be answered in finding the right moving company. Some of these include:

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • What type of precautions do they take?
  • Are there any complaints against the company?
  • Were they recommended by someone you know and trust?

New moving companies pop up every year. After finding out that it takes skill and patience, they fold. Do not be a guinea pig for someone just getting into the game.

A professional moving company will have the proper licensing and insurance policies in place. If moving to another state, request a copy of “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move” written by the US Department of Transportation. Also, request information on how damages are handled and what precautions are used in handling your items.

Ask neighbors and coworkers if they have ever used a moving company. Most people will give you an honest opinion on their personal experience. You may find a company that has little advertisement but high standards.

Check Your Movers Local Ratings & Reviews

Even if a moving company is not a member of the Better Business Bureau, this firm will have a record on complaints. While a web site may not always be accurate, the BBB will make it their business to investigate and give a fair review.

How Many Complaints Have Been Filed With the Moving Company

The FMCSA can provide information on current insurance, licensing or complaints on any moving company. Always check with them before signing any papers. Their direct telephone numbers are licensing (202-366-9805), insurance (202-385-2423) and complaints (888-368-7238).

Get Estimates From Nearby Movers

Select at least 3 moving companies to get quotes. Request a walk-through of your home and point out any specific details that need extra care. The representative may make recommendations on how to save money. These may include packing and marking valuables yourself, moving items downstairs or clearing out clutter instead of packing. The lowest price may not be the most reasonable.

The distance of the move and the weight of items are the main objectives that go into the estimate of a moving company. The different quotes should reflect this. Do not be afraid to ask for explanations on really high or really low quotes. There could be something that the moving company has included or excluded that needs your approval.

Moving to a new location can be stressful enough without worrying about your items arriving in one piece. Do your homework and get that feeling of trust that is necessary from the company that is hired.

10 Things You Can Do Today to Start Prepping For Your Move

Do you anticipate an impending relocation? Undertaking careful preparations helps streamline the moving process. Consider taking these steps today to enhance your household’s transition to a new address:

1. Create a Moving Timetable

Invest in a calendar or planner devoted exclusively to your relocation. Mark down firm deadlines and record target dates for accomplishing essential tasks.

2. Begin Sorting Personal Belongings

Begin sorting personal items on a room-by-room basis. Determine which items you should pack, sell, discard, donate, or place in storage. This process expedites moving.

3. Invest in High-Quality Packing Supplies

Most experts recommend investing in high quality moving boxes and supplies. Good quality items will help you avoid (or at least, reduce) property damage during transport. Many moving companies carry these materials.

4. Schedule Garage Sales And Donation Collection Times

Take action now to advertise any upcoming garage sale(s). You may also wish to schedule any charitable donation collection pickups by nonprofits if you plan on giving some belongings to charity.

5. Update Loved Ones About Your Moving Schedule

Apprise loved ones about your travel timetable. They’ll appreciate knowing your itinerary. If problems arise, they’ll remain “in the loop.”

6. Prepare a “Moving Day” Travel Kit

Consider packing a travel bag to use during Moving Day. Include necessary personal items and a spare change of clothing. Also take along some essential cleaning supplies, a flashlight, and a few snack food items. This type of kit should help Moving Day proceed more smoothly.

7. Complete Necessary Immunizations And Health Screens

People suffering from medical conditions benefit by consulting with a physician before relocating long distances. Consider scheduling a doctor’s visit to obtain a complete physical. Request a referral for a care provider near your destination.

8. Prepare to Rehouse or Transport Pets Correctly

Sometimes relocating households must make difficult decisions concerning family pets. Will four-footed companions travel with you, or must they reside with others soon? Begin planning for your pets as soon as possible. (Finding new families for dogs and cats often requires considerable effort.)

9. Arrange to Sell or Relocate Vehicles

Transporting a vehicle across town requires little effort. However, if you plan to relocate to a distant address, you’ll probably find it useful to devote some attention to transportation issues. Will you drive your car during your move, or pay to have it commercially transported? Will you sell the vehicle instead?

10. Visit The Landfill

Most households discover they need to dispose of a variety of damaged or partly-used household belongings during a relocation. For instance, usually legitimate moving companies cannot transport flammable or liquid items. Many storage units refuse to accept these materials. Rather than make repeated trips to a local landfill, it often makes sense to schedule a single visit to obtain the correct disposal of unwanted goods.

A More Carefree Experience

Meticulous advance preparations ease most relocations. The time you spend now planning your household’s move will yield significant benefits later: reduce stress, manage time more effectively, and ensure you don’t overlook essential tasks. You’ll appreciate your smart advanced planning decisions when Moving Day arrives!