Step-by-Step Checklist for Moving Your Art Safely

Similar to other household items, moving artwork requires adequate planning and keen attention to details. However, due to the fragile and often valuable nature of art, it is important to ensure you are extra careful whenever you are planning to relocate. Since artistic pieces vary in size, packing well in advance allows you to take the necessary precautions to protect your artwork while on the move. This step by step checklist will help ensure you move your art safely.

1. Always pack art in well-fitting boxes

Before you begin packing your art into various boxes, it is necessary to sort every piece based on size. Arranging artwork according to size enables you to understand your boxing needs in advance. In addition to being large, some pieces of art are unwieldy and delicate which makes them risky to move. Remember, finding slightly larger specialty boxes is recommended, more so when dealing with fragile artwork. Always go for boxes that are slightly larger than your art`s frame.

2. Make a big x using tape for glass-covered items

When dealing with glass covered artwork, it is important to use tape and draw an X on the glass surface. Making a big x with a tape ensures the glass stays in place, and in case of damage, the broken glass will not affect or destroy the painting.

3. Use packing paper and cardboard to protect your artwork

When moving art, your biggest mission should be delivering the piece safely. Therefore, it is necessary to cover both sides of your artwork with cardboard before packing in moving boxes. Once you remove the art from the wall, you should place it on a flat surface as you begin to the packaging surface. Always put two or more sheets of cardboard to cover the face of your art.

4. Use bubble wrap for extra protection

Once you are done taping the cardboard pieces, it is time to bring in the bubble wrap. When using the bubble wrap, ensure you cover the entire frame including the corners. This will give your artwork extra protection even in the event of wrongful handling. Moreover, it is advisable to ensure there is no space between the art and the moving box. To remove the space, you should invest in packaging peanuts which fill up the space and offer extra protection to your art.

5. Put relevant markings on glass item

If your art has a glass covering, then it is important to label the packaging box accordingly. By labeling your glass covered artwork, you will increase the chances of safe transportation since movers will be aware of the need to take caution when handling the labeled items. Failure to mark fragile items can lead to mishandling or even breakage.

6. Never pack flat

After packaging your artwork, you are now ready for the big move. However, when packing the boxes in a truck, always ensure your art is placed on its side. Placing art sideways reduces pressure while increasing the chances of safe delivery.

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